Email Service

If your domain is with another Registrar, please check with them directly about email service for your domain. If you have purchased or transfered your domain to appdrag please check instructions below. 

On AppDrag, we provide free email forwards 🥳.  They're a great way to easily configure an alias on your own domain (e.g: redirected to an existing mailbox on gmail, outlook, or anywhere else).

Most people use this solution to avoid creating a real mailbox with a login/password for each email address. Coupled with a rule to sort emails from your alias in a folder, this is probably the simplest way to handle multiple email aliases at scale.

We also have guides to help you configure your alias in either Outlook or Gmail to send as your alias address.

If what you require is a real mailbox account, we recommand you to use Google's G Suite.  Pricing is $5 per user per month, and it provides a full mailbox with a Gmail user interface for your own domain.

If you go that way, subscribe to the service with Google, then when requested by Google, configure your DNS entries (MX) as explained here by Google: