Using the blog API

In this article, we will see how to retrieve blog posts using our blog REST API and use a search bar to find them. 

Let's see the result first 😎

Let's go, first of all, it is necessary to have a: 
- Source code element of type jQuery.
- Cloud backend inputs element of type 'input text' to which we will give a 'search-input' name as in the image below.

In your 'Edit jquery code' block, you can paste this code :

See the Pen APIBLOG/SearchBar by David (@DavidAppdrag) on CodePen.

Let's explain the essential elements of this code:

- We call the blog API '' by passing it several data including the text (txt in the code) that the user types in the search bar.
- For each result we use a factory to generate each article (createLine (container, article) ).

Well played  !

 Tips : You can download our POSTMAN API configuration :