SEO is a crucial step of a website development. AppDrag made it simple to reach great results 🥳! You will only have to focus on the title of your page, the description, and rich content inside your pages, AppDrag will take care of the rest.

Configure your page titles and description from the Page configuration menu and preview how it will look like on Google Search Engine.


SEO Assistant :

Get more visitors from Google, Bing and other search engines by optimizing your SEO.  

This can be really challenging if you don't have tons of experience with SEO. We have created SEO Assistant to help you spot the issues and assist you to fix them by giving recommendations and ratings. 

Few features of the SEO Assistant: 

● Overview of your current status 
● Detect most used keywords 
● Detect items to optimize (meta, H1, H2, content, ...) 
● Provide recommendations 
● You can fix the issues directly in the same place 
● Fully integrated: Improve, Save & publish 

Your website will automatically generate a sitemap for your pages, your blog articles and your shop 😎 :

  • sitemap.xml
  • sitemap-blog.xml
  • sitemap-shop.xml
This will help Search Engines not to miss any content while crawling your website.

Project configuration menu


Select what pages are indexed on search engines

📘  NoteYou also can choose what pages of your website are indexed or not from the project configuration menu