Creating a search bar

In this article, we will see how to create a search bar.
You want to integrate a search bar in your '' website which would return the titles of articles contained in your database in order to facilitate Internet users' navigation  .

First of all, we will create an 'article' table.
Next, we'll create an API function that gets an 'input parameter' that matches the text received by the user
and we will return the response in our front end.

Create a new table 'articles' :

Create an API function :

Create a new function of type 'Visual select' :

Let's try our API :

Perfect, now let's do the front end by integrating this code into a "source code" blocks.

See the Pen Search bar by David (@DavidAppdrag) on CodePen.

Let's check the result :
Wow, a beautiful search bar which displays the results of our API function.