Create admin interface

Create integrated custom dashboard / admin interfaces

Let's see how to add left menu items on your project overview and link it to any content 🎓.


 On the left when you are administrator of the project you can use "Configure Menu"

From there you can choose an icon, a name of the menu entity and a link to a relative path from your project or a full URL (https://) if embeded is authorized on that page. Let's create two different dashboard pages. The first one would be a direct access to AppDrag Cloud DB UI.
  • Go to Cloud DB UI
  • Create a new folder from scratch or a template

Then on the sharing settings, you can share a single view of your choice. Click on embed to have an embeddable link of your Database UI. 

You can now use this link on the menu, here is the final result.

Now let's have a look if you want to create your own page with AppDrag authentication.

You can find the code here :

See the Pen Create Admin Interface by David (@DavidAppdrag) on CodePen.

The AppDrag token is forwarded to the page as an URL parameter. The code is the following for a basic authentication and get user information from the user :

Here is the final result of this page 🥳
From there you can build absolutely any additional admin interface you need on your AppDrag project .