What is API Builder

AppDrag API Builder is a compute service that lets your create & run code without provisioning or managing servers. 

We support 5 coding languages : 

  • NodeJS 12.x (Online code edition and package manager included)
  • Ruby 2.5
  • Python 2.7 (Online code edition included)
  • JAVA 8
  • .NET Core 2.1
  • SQL
  • Go 1.X
More languages coming soon (PHP, Perl, ...)

We've also implemented a VISUAL SQL interface to process operations on your Cloud DB without a singe line of code 🥳:
You can call your API functions directly in any programing language with POST and GET requests, or plan scheduled times to perform daily, weekly, or monthly with the tasks scheduler.

Preview of CloudBackend API Dashboard
What does it cost me?

The entry offer for the AppDrag CloudBackend is absolutely free 🥳.  It includes a limit of 30 API calls per minute and 5000 seconds of API time!

We offer various plans based on your project's needs.

How does it work?

The AppDrag API Builder is based on AWS Lambda . This allow us to provide extremely affordable and ultra-high performances, without compromising on security and high availability.
The API Builder is a simple and effective way to create API functions rapidly and with shareabilty for you and your team .

📘  Note :Our solution eliminates the difficulties of AWS Lambda, and provides an online editor and package manager