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What is API Builder?

AppDrag API Builder is a compute service that lets your create & run code without provisioning or managing servers.

We support 5 coding languages:
  • NodeJS (Online code edition and package manager included)
  • C#
  • Python (Online code edition included)
  • JAVA
  • SQL
We plan to add more languages soon (PHP, Perl, Go, ...)

And also a VISUAL SQL interface to process operation on your Cloud DB without any line of code:
You can call your API functions directly in any programing language with POST and GET requests or decide to schedule them to perform daily, weekly or monthly with the tasks scheduler.

Preview of CloudBackend API Dashboard
What does it cost me?

AppDrag CloudBackend entry offer is absolutely free with a limit of 30 API Calls Per Minute and 5000 Seconds of API Time!

We offer various plans based on the needs of your project.

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How does it work?

AppDrag API Builder is based on AWS Lambda. This allow us to provide very high performances at a very low price without compromising security and high availability.

Our solution abstract the difficulties to use AWS Lambda and provide an online editor & package manager. Simple & effective way to create API functions very quickly and to share it with your team.

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