Customize an Element

With AppDrag, all elements are entirely customizable. 

Click on the element in order to see the various options
2- Click on 'Edit element' icon


Sections, rows, columns, and elements have a toolbar that lets you access all modification options.


At the top of the editing options menu of the element you're in, you can access its ancestors by clicking the desired level.


For text elements, double-clicking into the text will allow you to edit it, and the same can be achieved by clicking the of its toolbar.

Text editing in action!

For images, you can double click the image you want to edit, or click the  button below its toolbar.

The image's editing tool allows you to customize every last detail.

Clicking on "Replace Image" will open the AppDrag image gallery.  You can access your own assets, upload new photos, or use one of our royalty-free image and icon banks, made available for you to create astonishing webpages.


AppDrag Image Gallery

Using a button's editing options to define it's colors for normal and hover state.


 TipsEvery element has its customizing tools, from easy to advanced options.