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Edit Text, Change Images, Customize Elements

Every elements of your page can be customized as will. 

To access to the element's edition brush, click on it and click on the "Pencil" button.

Sections, Rows, Columns and Elements have a Toolbar that let you access to modification options   On the top of the brush of an element you can access to the ancestors of the current element you're currently on

For text elements you can double click on the text you want to edit it or click on the "A" button under its toolbar.

Text brush edition on action!
For images you can double click on the image you want to edit or click on the "pencil brush button" under its toolbar.

Brush images opened let you customize every single detail
When you click on Replace image the AppDrag Free Gallery image opens. From there you can use your own assets and upload photos or use one of our Copyright Free  Photos / Icons to make astonishing webpages.

AppDrag Free Gallery
Every element has its own kind of brush, with easy to understand and advanced options.

Defining button colors on normal and hover state from its brush

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