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Blog listing category page

You can create a website with different blog categories and want a page per category.
You have three solutions :
1 - Create a page per category with a blog listing where the listing is configurated to display a specific category.

The con of this technique is that if you want the same listing design on every page you will have to replicate n times (n is the number of categories)...

2 - Modify the blog listing category page in the Page Editor

To edit categories path you can modify meta-url in your blog dashboard > categories.

The page path will be

If your category is a child or subchild of a category, the path will be appended like this :

This path will display the blog listing category page you edited in the pagebuilder.

3 - Create a single page with a blog listing where the listing is configured to display the category found in the URL. 

You will use the URL parameter to switch between the different categories.
The URL parameter is "bcat". Ex: will display the page listing and the blog listing inside will display the 5th category.

You can combine it with URL rewriting for transparent category binding. For more information check this article : URL Rewriting

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