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Dynamic data sources

We have a 10min video tutorial explaining how to use Dynamic Datasource in Cloud CMS

To create dynamic pages filled with Cloud Backend Databases you can use dynamic data sources.


- Create your page
- Create a Cloud Database 
- Create a Cloud API function to get datas from the database (VISUAL SQL FUNCTION)

Start by creating the structure of your database.

Simple product data table

And fill it with some rows.. Added some sample products Then create a visual function that will get the specified product with the get parameter id.
In few clicks your function is ready

Now let's switch to the pagebuilder.

Go to the page you want to feed dynamically, go to "advanced "and "Add CloudBackend datasource binding"

A modal will open

From there you can select between your CloudAPI functions which one will be used to fetch the data. The id in the first column is the one you will use to bind datas.
By checking 404 if no result, your webpage will respond 404 if no data is returned by the match of your api function.
To display the data responded by your API function just place anywhere [DSid=column] so in this example it is [DS1=name] or [DS1=description] or [DS1=image] ...

Prepare your data to be filled
Save the page and go to your page by adding the get parameter you setup in your API function for the match (in this example it is id)

So will render this :

Voilà, you have powerful data source binded in few minutes 
No data displaying?

You can check the meta "cb-status-x" (x corresponding of your datasource-id to check what si the problem.

Going Further
You can also have repeated zones for a listing by example. Every row returned by your API function will be included in the page. 

To create a repeated zone simply go to the brush "Data source Cloud Backend" of the element / column or row that will be replicated.


Assign the corresponding data source and the zone will replicate with each entries of the API call.


All the products are listed with the same design, I just have to update the database and add / update the products.


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