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How to configure Gmail & Outlook to send email from my new address

Once your aliases are created you can use them from Outlook and Google or any other email provider..

Your alias is now attached to your outlook account you now need to setup Outlook to use it.
  • Near the send button you have a little down arrow (it can be small dots based on your outlook version) with a button "Display the label from"
  • When you click on the from field you can now select your alias

  • Click on the cog in the upper right corner and open Settings
  • Open the tab "Accounts"
  • Click on add another email address you own
  • Enter the desired display name and the address you just created.
  • Check "Treat as an alias" and click on next step.
  • Your alias is now linked to your account. 
  • Select "Reply from the same address the message was sent to" .

Now when you will write an email in the from field you will have the choice between your gmail address and your alias.

Video tutorial


You can use the Gmail SMTP server, as long as you use Google two-step authentication.
Here are the full steps:
  • Gmail settings, Accounts and Import tab.
  • Add the email address you created
  • Type name and email address to be added.
  • For SMTP Server, put
  • For Username, your full Gmail address including
  • For password, provide an App Password generated in Google Accounts at
  • Leave Secured connection using TLS selected as is.
  • Add Account
You're ready to use your created email address as any other account

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