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How do I translate my website?

You want to make your website available to visitors in many languages?  No problem, it’s really easy​.

Pre-translate your website
Begin by opening the “Translate” module by clicking on the globe button. 

​First, enter your website's actual language, then the language you want it translated to.  In this example, we will translate from English to French.  Once you've selected your language, validate your choice by simply clicking on the green validation button. 

To begin the process, click on the blue “pre-translate” button. You will see, in real time, your page’s translation progress.​ 

Once done, don’t forget to save your translation by clicking the green button.  Note that this process has to be repeated for each page you want to translate.​ 

Note: The translation module is an automated process and may contain errors in the destination language. You should always verify and correct the translations if needed.

Add a language selection button
To allow your visitors to toggle languages, we will add a selection button in the navigation bar. 

Start off by clicking the "Add" button, open the element section, and scroll down to the translation elements gallery.  Select it and simply drag and drop the selector of your choice into the navigation bar, so as to make it available on your entire site. 

That’s it! After you publish, your site will appear in whichever language you visitor chose!

If there is specific content on your page that you would like remain untranslated, add them the class "appdrag-no-translate".

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