To place your brand or website name in your website logo, start by double clicking on the logo in your page.  If there isn't one, click on "add component", in the element section, scroll down to logo, then drag-and-drop the logo format of your choice.

There are three types of logos 

  • Text
  • Icon with Text
  • Image

Editing the text logo


Lets add an icon to the logo by switching to icon and text.

By clicking on replace image, I can upload my logo/icon or browse between hundreds of royalty free images.  If you select an icon, you can even customize its colors.


To avoid sizing issues, the desktop logo is independant from the mobile/tablet-portrait logo.  Click on "Copy current logo to mobile topbar" to use it as a starting point, and make some adjustments.

As the background is a light color, I will change the text color to blue.  This will only be changed in my mobile menu bar and not on the desktop/large resolutions.

Adjustments made on small screen resolutions


Your mobile menu will look great!