Page Builder Menu

There are 2 main menus inside the Page Builder - the top bar menu and the editor menu.  


Top bar menu:
From left to right  ‚Äč

  • AppDrag Logo: Navigate back to your Dashboard
  • Project name: Navigate to other existing projects
  • Home: Open Pages menu 
  • Gear icon: Open Page configuration 
  • Globe icon: Open Translate tool
  • SEO: Open SEO Assistant 
  • Upgrade: Allows you to upgrade your plan 
  • Desktop Icon: Switch between desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Help: Open Tutorial menu
  • Undo: Undo your last action 
  • Redo: Redo your last action
  • Save: Save your most recent changes
  • Preview: Preview your site
  • Publish: Publish your site

Editor menu:
From top to bottom 

  • Page configuration: Organise your menu, Hide or Show a page, Access to the configuration page 
  • Add component: Add elements to your site
  • Plugins: Integrate services such as Calendly, Particles, Carousel and more
  • Translate: Set your current language and add others languages to your site
  • Assets manager: Upload images, files and fonts
  • Quick editor: Edit your site with streamlined assistance
  • Project configuration: Access Website Configurations and Design options