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Creating Pages and Customizing the Menu

One of the first things you need to do when creating your website is to create all the pages you're going to need.  Click on the top button in the left toolbar to open the "Pages Configuration Manager".

All current pages are displayed.  Click on "Create a new page".


The name can be changed afterwards.  The header and footer are in common with all pages, and are therefore automatically included.  If you modify them at any time, they will be modified on all other pages.
Your menu is automatically generated from the pages you have created.  Clicking a page's "eye icon" will toggle its visibility in the menu.  Clicking the "cog icon" will allow you to change the label of your page in the menu.

Changing HOME to another name will only affect its name in the menu

When your pages are ready, close the pages configuration manager and double click on your menu. If your page doesn't have one, drag and drop one from the "add component" section.

Click the menu's editor brush, then on "Menu", and you will find that you can chose between modifying the desktop or the mobile design.  Let's begin with desktop.


You can configure the display of your buttons, their background color, text color, spacing, hover color, borders...

The design of your mobile menu is independant from the desktop one.  Simply change the resolution of the builder go ahead with the modifications necessary to achieve the expected result.

On mobile and tablet portrait, we created a completely different menu with a white background and blue text.

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