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Save, Preview, and Publish

Your website has two versions:

The preview (development) version
That's the version you are currently working on.  This allows you to work on your pages without affecting the pages being viewed by your visitors.  When you save modifications made to a page, once again, only the preview version gets saved.

Once you're satisfied with your modifications, click on the save button (or CTRL + S) to save the changes made to your page.

The published version 
That's the version your visitors see when navigating to your website. In order to make your preview verison avaiable to the onine public, you'll need to publish your website. 

Once you're satisfied with your modifications, click on the plane icon (or CTRL + P) and your website will get published.

You're ready to publish your website and make it available to the world!
Trying to access a non-published project will result in a page explaning the fact.

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