Project overview

The project overview on the dashboard is the place where you can configure and monitor your website. 

On this panel you can:

- Upgrade your offer
- Change the favicon of your website
- Select the main domain and enable SSL certificate
- Configure Google Analytics
- Define url redirections
- Choose what pages are indexed
- Select if your project is indexed on Search Engines.
- Buy extra bandwidth
- Share it with your team
- Change the template / Transfer / Delete
- See detailed statistics about your visitors
- Purchase / Transfer domains
- Consult your website form entries
- Download your invoices
- Open the Page Builder / Blog / Shop / Newsletter / Cloud Backend / Advanced Code editor

- Protect your website with a password
- Insert HTML in head tag or before end of the body

Project overview of a sample website

  Tips : On the left column, you can find direct access to manage your domains & emails, forms, invoices etc ...