Customize Article List

Your articles are ready 🏁, now it's time to display them on your website.
Click on the "Add Component" button and go to the "Blog" category to choose a Blog-Article List component
Select the one that matches the closest to what you're looking to achieve.

Choose between premade blog lists.  Drag and drop it into your page.  Your blog's articles will be loaded upon visiting the page.


To access the Blog List's editing options, either double-click into it, or click the paintbrush below it.  The modal will open, giving you options (number of articles per page, category shown, pagination, ...) and tools to customize the layout (number of columns, vertical, horizontal spaces between columns, etc.).

You can adapt the list to match your requirements



If you need further customization, click on "Customize list item".  The layout of a single article will open, giving you access to full detailed customization of your article. 

In this mode,  you can access "Blog-Article Components" to determine if this element is the title, the date, the image of the article, etc.