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Position, Margin, & Padding

All positions of elements in AppDrag are relative to each other and stacked vertically.

To position them correctly, you need to understand how Margin and Padding works.

Margin is the outer space of the element.  If we define a top-margin of 10px, it means that the space between the top of this element and the bottom of the one above will be of 10px.

Padding is the inner space of the element.  Therefore, If we define a top-padding of 10px, it means that the space inside my element, between its top border and the content of the element will be of 10px.

Changing the padding is super easy.  Just hover over an element and fout small square handles will appear on each direction of the element. Dragging them will set the padding at the desired amount.

You can set the Margin and Padding by clicking the editing brush of the element.

Margin and Padding get highlighted when editing them.

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