Authentication and Access Control

Every project created on AppDrag's Cloud Backend is receives an APIKey to secure all requests to your API and Database .

Copy your APIKey or generate a new one

You can access your APIKey modal through the "API" or "Databases" dashboard.  Bear in mind that the same key is used for both.  If you change it, it will need to be updated at every location where it's used.

In order to avoid any of that though, you can opt for the "Environment Variables" option, where upon calling those parameters, the APIKey and ID will always match what you have on file, no matter how often you modify the key.


In some instances, you don't want your API function to be public, in which case, you can check the "Require APIKey" checkbox found in the security section of your function's edition panel.  Every call made to this function will now require the APIKey parameter.