Creating my First Function

Let's create your first AppDrag Cloud Backend API function by clicking on "New Function" in the left menu under "API" .

The new function screen appears

You have the choice between:

  • Visual SQL API functions that are connected to the CloudBackend Database. A simple interface is provided so that no coding is necessary.
  • SQL Perform manual queries on your CloudBackend Database.
  • Code Powerful API functions.

For this example, we will select "Node.js 12.x" with the sample "POST Parameters".

You can try your function by clicking on the 'Try button'

This sample function reads the POST parameters and outputs it

This sample function is ready to run without any code changes. You can click the "Try" button at the top-right corner, and fill your test POST parameters in the modal.

In the payload the response from the API function is returned containing the POST parameters.

📘  NoteThis gives you a solid point for the writing of your own functions, as opposed to just returning a basic message.  For example, you can send an email, insert the info into your database, open a confirmation HTML content, etc...