Creating Tables

When you are in your Dashboard 'Cloud Backend', click on "Create Table" button.

1) Create your table

Click on the button "Create table" and type the desired table name.


2 - Edit the table structure

Once your table is created, click "Edit Table" on the top-right corner and add the columns with the desired types (numbers, text, images, url, date, ...)  you'll need for your data.

Click "Save" to validate your table's structure.



3 - Repeat these steps for every table you'll need in your database.
Your database is now ready to be used 🥳!

AI - Auto Increment. This checkbox sets if the specified field will be marked as Auto-                  Increment. It's useful only for primary keys.

PK - This stands for the primary key. It can be used to make the column as a primary key.
UQ - Unique. Similar to NotNull, by this checkbox you tell ORM Designer to export a Unique  constraint.